The things I learned at ESC blew me away...


I arrived at Earth Spirit Center for Healing in the summer of 2012. I was working in Tucson and coming home to the Phoenix area on weekends. I lived in constant physical pain and could only hold my balance with a cane. My husband was ill and going through a rough time. My daughter, who is my life, was growing into adulthood with all the growing pains it brings. ESC became my haven because it was the one place I could find stillness and be centered.


The things I learned at ESC blew me away. Each Sunday I took a nugget of wisdom home, and sometimes a whole treasure trove! Each week Alaric’s teachings added a glimpse of hope into the future. I held onto everything I learned and when my emotions, surrounding chaos, anger, and all the things that made me hurt would surface; I would pull out my nuggets of wisdom and apply them.


Today I stand strong with my pain is under control, I have no cane, my hubby’s illness is nothing but a memory. His life is great and my daughter is happy learning to navigate life without me taking on her pain. I now live in the Phoenix area full time and I have great job. Overall, I have found in the essence of my being that:


-I master My Life

-I master my thoughts

-I master my impulses

-I master my emotions 


Each day when I am experiencing life I see through illusions. Chaos is none existent and I work through duality through understanding and harmony. I learned this mastery through Alaric’s book, Living Peace, and I am forever grateful. I am so much in Peace and that translates into happiness.  If I could I would do summer salts and run through the countryside smiling, laughing, and shouting in glee at how happy I am.


I am happy to know that my next step is transcendence. I let fear control my life for many years and I am now set free, looking forward to all that life has to offer. I am happy about my future and living in peace, enjoying all the good things that are arriving:


-Financial Freedom

-Health and Well-being

-Fulfilling my Purpose

-And Celebrating the next 35 years with my husband and my daughter


If you live in Arizona, I so strongly recommend visiting ESC and what blessings it can offer you. And if you don’t live in AZ, you can at least check out the many nuggets of wisdom found in Alaric’s book, Living Peace.


― Ida


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