I am both amazed and in awe of the positive changes that have come about in my life...


ESC is a place of enlightenment, growth, and understanding.  It is literally soothing to the soul to be there.  My name is Joni and I work as an employee relations manager.  I originally went to ESC for a reiki session in hopes that some energy work would help me overcome a wall I had hit in both my professional and personal life.  However, what I found was a beam of light named Alaric and a welcoming community of truly gifted people who are dedicated to guiding people on this path.  My one reiki session led into life coaching which has now led into learning.


I am both amazed and in awe of the positive changes that have come about in my life.  I have gone from dreading almost every day and questioning almost every aspect of my life to finding peace and calmness within myself.  These teachings have impacted every interaction I have in both my professional and personal life, the responses I receive from others, and, most important, my overall wellbeing.  I have gained clarity on my life and focus on how to get to where I want to be through these practices.  And, I have only just begun.    


Working with Alaric has been a true gift because he is so is open, authentic and genuine.  You can talk to him about anything without fear of judgement and he knows what you need to hear and how you need to hear it to gently push you down this path.  He lives, breathes, and is an example of everything he teaches.  What I would tell to anyone who is considering this experience is that it works! 


― Joni


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