I have chosen to become a student so that I might pass on to others what I found...


I came to Arizona last July to help my aging parents. A task I knew was approaching but was unprepared for. I watched my step father of 40 years deteriorate before my eyes and my mother become increasingly more frantic. As a nurse practitioner, the task of relocating and caring for them fell to me. Not just because of my medical knowledge but also because of the flexibility of my chosen profession; I can work anywhere.

Though my husband and I had discussed relocating to Arizona when my parents needed me, and we had purchased a condo to accommodate us when that need arose, when the time came to leave our Oregon home and jobs, my husband dug in his heels and refused to accompany me.

So here I am, 1300 miles from my home, my friends, my husband, and no resources.

I began searching for a spiritual counselor and tarot reading in August. I wanted guidance while I juggled caring for my parents, appeasing my long distance husband, and finding a job. What I found and received was so much more.

I had an almost instant rapport with Alaric, my life coach and the founder of Earth Spirit Center. I found solace during our first meeting and have continued to become more grounded and at peace in my current situation. Through his guidance, and putting his teaching into practice, my thinking has cleared and I am no longer in such emotional turmoil. I have come to accept the current situation with a measure of grace that I never thought possible.

Working with Alaric has inspired me to continue on my spiritual journey. I have chosen to become a student so that I might pass on to others the wonderful, healing techniques of the Dunisha Healing™ Program.


― Angie


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