Let Go Of Your Opinions

December 14, 2016

"All the wars, all the hatred, all the ignorance in the world come out of being so invested in our opinions."
― Pema Chodron


One of my teachings in Living Peace is to release all opinions.


Everyday I meet amazing people with good intentions and brilliant minds, yet the one thing continuously holding them back (and the majority of humanity) is an attachment to their own opinions about themselves, others, and the world as a whole.


When we believe something to be true, it doesn't actually make it true. It just makes it an opinion. This applies to religion, politics, and any number of topics that vary greatly in


human perception.


In my field of work, the greatest block I see within people is in regards to the negative opinions they have built up over the years about themselves. Few people on our planet have healthy esteem or a balanced and kind perception of themselves, their worth, and ability to be succeed or receive love. Many of us don't realize that the negative thoughts and beliefs we hold about ourselves are simply opinions, and opinions are not concrete. At any moment we can choose to shift our mindset and in doing so we can soften our opinions about ourselves and others, thus opening up a new pathway for our mind to explore and gain deeper understanding, compassion, and peace.


Releasing our opinions is not a weakness, nor does it make us pushovers. We keep our preferences and still proactively participate in the world - we just no longer view things as black/white, right/wrong, good/bad. We look beyond the surface level and keep our mind open to the multiple layers of complexities that the human mind is capable of. We eventually learn and realize that all projected pain stems first from suffering, and in that moment we lose our will to fight against anyone again - because where our old opinion saw someone as a monster and abuser, we now see that same person as a wounded child, crying out for help. That is the moment we are able to build a bridge, extend a hand, apply some healing, and cultivate peace.


Opinions pollute our mind by clouding our clarity, while a mind free of opinions has room to see all.



Alaric Hutchinson


Book: Living Peace



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Let Go Of Your Opinions

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