A Day for Self-Love: Valentine's

February 14, 2016

This coming Valentine's Day, I invite each of us to take a moment out of our busy lives, be it this week or next, and treat ourselves with the self-love we so often skip over.


May V-Day not be a time of expected love from others with passive-aggressive hints at how we want to be loved, and may it also not be a singles-awareness day of pointing out a lack of romance or love in our life.


If you have a special someone, be direct with them what you would like to do or receive, and ask them what they would like to do or receive. So often romance is ruined because of miscommunication, passive-aggression, and failed expectations due to a lack of communicating one's desires and needs. Romance is simple and easy to accomplish, when couple's communicate.


And for all the single lads and lasses, it's time to stop waiting around for someone to make you feel loved. Love attracts love. So many people keep themselves in dry spells because they are waiting for someone to validate their feelings of self-worthiness. But if you or I don't feel good about ourselves, then no one else can either -- or possibly when someone else does see our worth, gifting us a compliment, we dismiss it and belittle ourselves in front of them! Love attracts love.


So V-Day is a wonderful reminder of the importance revolving around self-love, self-care, and self-appreciation. If we are not loving ourselves, nor taking proper care of ourselves, we cannot expect anyone else to do it for us -- that is a double standard, which also goes against the Law of Attraction. What we will attract, however, is someone who also feels as sh*tty about themselves as we do, and co-dependency is born, giving us an opportunity to look in the mirror and break the cycle.


It's time to treat yourself and find your beauty, even if you have to start small. Build from there. And may we all continue to set the foundation for greater self-love, direct communication skills, and making sure we are giving others the ability and opportunity to give to us while we remain receptive to their love.


Alaric Hutchinson is a life coach, spiritual teacher, and the author of Living Peace.

© 2016 Earth Spirit Publishing, LLC.




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