Rising Above the Violence of our Time

November 19, 2015


For me, inner peace represents an inner stillness, being fully present with an eternal okayness with life.



"In this moment I do not need anything more (desire) and in this moment I do not need anything less (resistance)." That is what the ego is, the part of ourselves that reaches for things and the aspect of ourselves that pushes things away. "More of this will bring me happiness and satisfaction, and if I had less of this I would be more at peace and satisfied." Without awareness and guidance for these parts of our ego that bring about desire and resistance, everyday can feel like an emotional battlefield.


To remedy the violence we see manifested in the world we must first learn to heal the violence we commit upon ourselves daily. Look within your own life and realize that when you become angry, revenge is an act that one might believe will bring relief. In heartbreak, we may secretly or openly desire for our previous beloved to feel the pain that we felt. In grief, we may numb our mind by using anything that allows us to leave the present painful moment. In fear we may do things that challenge our normal rational and logical mind...


The divine truth is that in our everyday lives we go through a major spectrum of emotion and we may believe very false realities about ourselves, including such beliefs that we are unloved or unlovable, that the world is against us, that we are not good enough, that our life does not matter, that if I open up at all I will just be hurt again and again and again.


These beliefs we hold, this violence we commit to ourselves is something that binds all of humanity together. On a micro level we go to war within ourselves everyday, and on a macro level we see how this ego, this separation within our own heart and mind can echo out as harm upon others.


Many wonder what they can do to help heal our planet, and my approach is cultivating inner peace, an inner harmony of heart and mind, an inner stillness of rational thought free from the ego's grasping and resistance. This I live daily and this I teach daily through the path of Dunisha, which is much like Zen philosophy. Only when more of humanity knows what inner peace is by cultivating it within, can we truly manifest a lasting global peace. Else we continue the cycle of the sad and the angry trying to make peace through the eyes of the ego's conception of what will bring peace.


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Alaric Hutchinson is an international life coach, author, and spiritual teacher. You can buy his book on Amazon by clicking here: Living Peace.

Become a student of Dunisha: Learn the ways of Inner Peace...
Interested in becoming a long-distance learning student? Alaric will soon be offering an online program. Send him an email to express your interest or to gather further information: alaric@earthspiritcenter.org



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