The Importance of Community

August 4, 2015

"A good teacher is important, but sisters and brothers in the practice are the main ingredient for success. You cannot achieve enlightenment by locking yourself in your room. Your community —family, friends, and copractitioners—is the soil, and you are the seed. No matter how vigorous the seed is, if the soil does not provide nourishment, your seed will die. A good community is crucial for the practice. You need to choose friends in the practice who are stable, on whom you can rely."
― Thich Nhat Hanh

On the road to self-healing, inner peace, and enlightenment there is one crucial component that is often overlooked. And that is the importance of community. All of my healing and coaching services couples with our community services, and when people sign up for a month of sessions with me, they get instant membership to our community activities. Why? Because I have found that the individual who invests him or herself not only in their own self-healing, but in the collective healing and inspiration of others working towards the same peace -- that is where the magic happens. This may be the very key in why many doors to wellness in traditional therapy remain shut and why so many people are seeking alternative paths. It is not simply a journey to walk alone, it is a collective journey to walk hand in hand.


Most of us are already part of communities, even if it is just a handful of our friends and family that we see on a regular basis. Whether we choose to be part of something larger is up to us, but this same lesson applies to everyone: "You need to choose friends in the practice who are stable, on whom you can rely." This goes back to the teaching that we are the average of the five people we surround ourselves with. And this inspires us to take a look at the stability and reliability of the energy we continue to involve ourselves in. Is it creating a nutritious soil to grow? If not, it is time to expand our vision and make choices that will enrich our lives.


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