Healing Circles & Children

June 14, 2015

I would like to begin by mentioning what is meant by a "healing circle", especially in relation to Dunisha Healing™ and for those unfamiliar to this term.

A group of people come together, leaving ego and judgment at the door. Even when an individual may feel broken, damaged, incomplete, and in need of fixing, a Dunisha Healing™ Faciltator and those present view the person as whole and complete just as they are. This perspective eliminates pity and judgment, thus raising vibrations so that the individual may receive clarity of mind and inspiration to the answers that lie within.



Through an approach of acknowledgement, acceptance, and unconditional love, the group offers opportunities to support one another by raising vibration, which in turn allows individuals the opportunity to release emotions that do not serve them for their highest benefit.


The term "healing" refers not necessarily to a grand cure, but we do have the ability within ourselves to heal what are otherwise recognized as wounds/suffering. People often feel stuck, maybe repeating patterns, and through assistance they themselves can bring self-discovery, harmony, and balance if they are willing and ready.


The circle setting has been used to focus the group’s energy, as it is a symbol found throughout time and is infinite, no beginning and no end, the perfect container.


For children to be present at a circle brings a blessing, both for adults and the children. For the adults, we are reminded of the innocence and wisdom of young eyes, minds, and hearts. Children generally speak without a filter, and knowledge can be gained, often in a way that brings out laughter. For the children, they learn to see it is okay to to authentically express oneself, no matter if tears are accompanied. They also learn how to be there for someone without draining another or their self. It is my view that it is often too easy for people not to communicate effectively and honestly. Healing circles demonstrate real emotion to children and heart to heart connections and communication.


One of my sons was 5 and the other 10-years when we began attending healing circles regularly. To be honest, when we started I was concerned about their attention span and I couldn't suppress my eye rolling, but I was reassured they would naturally adapt their energy to the circle, and sure enough it didn't take long. It took me awhile to learn to relax and trust. Had it been other children, not a problem, but mine, a great lesson for me!


On the other side, I had an experience where an adult approached me afterwards and said they hoped they had not scared the children when they themselves went into the circle and released some inner turmoil. Honestly, I could answer that the children were fine, they were witness to a powerful moment of emotion releasing and had seen how inner healing had begun. They were a part of "holding the space” and, had the children felt frightened, as their mother I knew it was okay to pop out for a moment if needed. I am a believer in it takes a village to raise a child and I cherish that my children can experience people dealing with their obstacles and confronting their fears in healthy ways rather than suppressing and hiding emotions that contribute to stress that is so often seen done in the day to day world.


My eldest has valued that he can ask for loving thoughts and energy work to be sent to his friends and my youngest, now 7, loves working with "magic sprinkles" and that he helps "people feel and heal”. Through attendance, I have seen my youngest grow in his communication skills, affection, and confidence while my eldest has learned meditation and breathing techniques that he even has begun using at school. It has been such a joy witnessing my children blossom in this environment, and thus I highly recommend Healing Circles for adults and children alike!


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