A Sure Way to Successful Living

February 27, 2015

What would it be like to fully invest myself into my relationship?

That question arose after reading a similar question regarding a Trappist Monk who, before joining the order, asked himself what it would be like to totally give himself to God. He realized he never would know until he experienced it by living the lifestyle of a monk and now, years later, he even became the abbot of Mepkin Abbey in South Carolina.





My version of the question arose having had a talk with Jesse regarding my "always keeping a window slightly cracked open". This metaphor represented my "just in case this doesn't work" mentality. So rather than being fully invested in the relationship, I tended to split my attention to other scenarios and how I would exit through the window and live a different life without him if things went south.

Jesse loving pointed all that out and my response was, "You're right!" I had not realized how deeply imbedded this fear was and so I immediately began closing the window and making sure it was shut -- training my mind to fully live in the present moment and give Jesse the full respect he was giving me by living fully invested in the relationship. With having a window open, even just slightly, I was sending mixed signals to the Universe. Part of me said, "I'm in a relationship and this is what I want!" but another part of me was saying, "Maybe not!" Thus, the Law of Attraction was sending me mixed results as well, most often in the form of my own negative thinking and creating problems where none even existed.

My ah-ha moment from this experience was waking up to see it for myself, and in doing so, I began seeing it in many of my friends, clients, students, and even just everyday people's lives! We all say we want a certain thing, but our thoughts, words, or actions are often telling a different story. The bottom line: we're not fully invested. So I invite you each this week to think about the things that you want, and really be honest with yourselves and ask yourself if you're actually "all-in". If not, follow it up with the question of: "What would it be like if I was fully invested in _______."

I truly believe that a sure way to success is to be fully invested in something. When we are, without doubt or distraction, we as humans are capable of amazing, almost miraculous, things. So if you're not getting the results you desire from a project, job, or relationship -- chances are the "problem" is your attitude and investment, not the project itself or the other people involved.

Solaris Blessings,
Alaric Hutchinson


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