The Web of Life: Your Illusionary Belief that You are Separate

January 13, 2015

Do not allow yourself to become trapped by the small mind. The small mind is represented by the ego. The aspect and ability for ourselves to view the world and its people as separate -- that what "I" do does not influence you or the Collective. That "I" am the exception. That "I" am separate and that my thoughts, words, actions, and beliefs do not hold value enough to cause an effect.





The greater mind shows us the web of life, that every Being is interwoven within this web and if you pluck just one strand, the entire web reverberates.

This is a cause of great suffering on planet Earth. It is the inner struggle of wanting to be individuals and be free of any responsibility of influencing the Collective, yet each human also wants connection, wants love, and wants to be part of the whole. Subconsciously, the pull of connection is always there because you cannot ever fully separate a strand from the web for the web is but the multitude of interwoven strands. Interwoven connection is inherent in the genetic and cosmic blueprint of the human race. Without the interweaving, there is no web.

So you see, your life greatly matters. You are not disconnected, you are never alone, you are never not having influence on the Collective and the Collective is never not having influence on you. However, because of your freewill, you are allowed to feel disconnected and alone, even when it is an illusion.

Use your greater mind to tap into the awareness of the web and its subtle energy and vibrational fluxes. When you do, it is as if the entire world you see is but a giant wed where every thought, word, action, and belief system is shifting and shaping reality. You then become able to pluck the specific energetic and interpersonal strands that will then lead to a positive effect.


Cosmic Blessings from Above,


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