The Patchwork of Energy Healing

January 7, 2015

I find that a reoccurring theme in life is the need to "clean up the slack". Things get messy, it's a natural part of life. It is often said that a messy room is metaphoric of a cluttered mind. And when we have things piled up and buried, that represents the issues that we have buried away in our subconscious mind, afraid to confront. Interesting parallels indeed. Maybe true, maybe not always true, but nonetheless the wisdom remains. When it comes to the issues of our life, we need to foster greater communication. Any slack in our communication channels breeds stagnancy, and stagnancy breeds dis-ease.



Cleaning Up The Slack


When you find yourself in perpetual fatigue, you might consider looking at how the communication channels in your life have been recently fairing.


  • Are you constantly taking up arms in offense or going into defense with the people in your life?


Such an important lesson to learn is to relinquish the need to defend the choices you make in life. Everyone has their two cents to share, yet you cannot build a future off of the pennies they give. You are doing the best you can with what you know, so put down your shield and start walking forward with confidence. Anytime someone offers their two cents, nod and smile, say thank you, and keep walking. If it resonates, great. If it doesn't resonate, that's great too. Just keep moving forward.

On the flip side, don't waste energy attacking other people's castles. Your negative judgments or passive-aggressive comments are futile. You can't build your own castle while your focused on tearing someone else's down.


  • Inspect and explore the things that make you feel uncomfortable


This lesson is sometimes a tough pill to swallow. As creatures that seek pleasure and desire to avoid pain, we often associate discomfort and pain together. So, instead of facing and overcoming our insecurities we become master ninjas of avoiding them at all costs. For example, everyone can become a good public speaker -- but few will ever muster the courage enough to begin public speaking to conquer their fear. This understanding is a basic building block on how to live a happy and successful life. If we avoid everything that causes us to be uncomfortable, we often do so at the expense of our growth. We become stagnant.


  • Be like water. Flow.


Which are you most often, a clear flowing stream or a stagnant pool? Fighting or defending is resistance, and what we resist persists. Sweeping things under the rug because we are uncomfortable fosters extreme amounts of stagnancy that murks our beautiful waters. Your chakra system is your internal river of energy that flows through you, and each chakra represents a different aspect of yourself in life. It is no wonder why then when we ignore certain aspects of ourselves, often imbalance is created. The mind, the body, the heart, and the soul have to work together, just as the seven chakras must flow together. Even if just one chakra is blocked, it will cause a dam in your energetic flow and what once was a clear stream, a clear mind -- fear, illusion, attachment, and dis-ease will begin to cloud and take root.

Everyday, cleanse yourself. Everyday, see the river of your chakra system flowing with ease. Everyday, shower with the intention of a rejuvenated mind, body, heart, and soul. Everyday, walk with mindful grace.

Everyday, Meditate like you Medicate.


You are safe. You are loved. You are whole and complete right here, right now.

Cosmic Blessings,


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~



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Blog by Alaric Hutchinson, author of Living Peace.

© 2014 Earth Spirit Publishing, LLC. Alaric Kyle Hutchinson. All Rights Reserved.



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