The Impact of Mindfulness with Raising Children

December 24, 2014

This week I have a special guest blog to share by one of my students. In the Dunisha Healing™ Program that I teach, my students write an essay once a month on the topic we are covering. The goal of these essays is to trigger a global perspective on how the teachings can benefit the many facets of human society. Personal introspection on a micro level is a wonderful thing, yet a rational and practical look on a larger macro scale also offers wisdom. Thus, we promote an expanded vision of what our world can more peacefully look like when we embody the teachings in our personal lives, and begin to incorporate them into our social structures. Enjoy! ― Alaric



How controlling our thoughts can bring about our deepest desires


by Angie Dahms








What’s one thing you can change to make the world a better place? Like Michael Jackson I have started with the person in the mirror. 

I have found that learning to live in peace is one of the most significant changes I have made  that has caused a change in the world that I touch. My name is Angie Dahms; I am currently a student of Alaric Hutchinson, learning the Dunisha way.  The following is an essay about how his teachings have affected my life and the vision I have for the future.

Mindfulness is defined by Jon Kabot-Zinn as “awareness that arises through paying attention on purpose in the present moment non-judgmentally”.  He shared that quote on a segment of 60 minutes that I recently watched on a Sunday evening.  That is the definition but the benefits of living mindfully are increased clarity, kindness, and acceptance among other things.  Practicing mindfulness, mastery of thought, significantly decreases fears and negativity, enabling one to keep a positive focus on goals. 



An example from my personal history:  I have always wanted to be a nurse.  I can’t remember ever really wanting to do anything else.  I wanted to be good nurse, to help people live better lives and decrease misery. 

By the time I was ready to attend college I had been through a series of traumas.  I believed I wasn’t smart enough to complete the nursing program.  I was also a single parent,  I had never finished high school and had no skills that would allow me to find meaningful employment that would enable me to support my son.  I had a long talk with God.  We decided that I would do the best I could and God would guide me.  I scheduled my time so that I could spend quality time with my son uninterrupted by studies.  It was very important for me to also be a good mother. 

I put one foot in front of the other.  I did all my assignments to the best of my ability.  My study time was between 8:30 PM, after I put my son to bed for the night, and midnight.  I had to be up by 5 AM to start my day.  If I had allowed myself to dwell on all the negatives I had in my life at that time I never would have started college.  Instead of allowing negative thoughts and beliefs about myself stop me, I just began.  Every success made it easier for me to take the next step.

Today I have far exceeded those initial goals.  I am very skilled and confident in my abilities in my chosen profession.  As I have increased my ability to master my thoughts I have become a more compassionate and empathetic person. 

Scientific studies have demonstrated decreased stress with meditation, as well as increased creativity.  It has been used to treat hypertension and depression with great success.  Google encourages their employees to practice mindfulness daily and offers workshops to teach the practice.  Meditation has been shown to increase productivity and fosters a good attitude. 

Children learning this principle will grow to be more productive, well balanced and grounded adults.  Those that learn the practices at an early age will have the additional benefit of the practices being a part of their daily habits as ingrained as brushing their teeth.  This would end gang wars as any conflicts that arose would be handled in a much gentler fashion.  I can see them in positions of power (i.e. management) leading through example.  Ideally our future world leaders will have this skill and can bring about true world peace.  The more I learn the clearer this vision becomes.  As I wish it, let it be so.

*Mastery of Thought is the first tenet within the book, Living Peace, that all students in the Dunisha Healing™ Program begin with. Contact Alaric to inquire about becoming a student.



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