Disney: A Trip of Joy or Stress?

December 12, 2014

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.”
― Walt Disney

Disney Adventures!
A Trip of Joy or Stress?


This past week has been quite the adventure with Jesse and I having a three-day hopper ticket pass to Disneyland and California Adventure. Obviously it was a blast with loads of fun, laughter, and smiles, yet this blog is not about documenting the highlights of our trip, yet rather it is about sharing our growth moments as a couple and as individuals.

Want to find out how patient you are and just how well you and your partner function as a team? Go on a vacation together to a theme park filled with long lines and screaming children!

Ha, I jest -- but not really :)

The most excellent (personally growing) part of our trip together was that it exhausted me to the point of feeling the lowest I've felt in many years. As an introvert, my energy levels just can't keep up with the physical and emotional drain from three full days of theme park adventures. I wanted to! But my mind and body had other plans when I was not getting plenty of sleep, proper nutrition, and time to meditate and recharge each day.

As an intuitive, being surrounded by thousands of people for hours on end can be extra-overwhelming.

And so, there were times during day three that I found myself getting angry and even close to an emotional breakdown if I allowed it. However, I knew that my emotional state was not caused by anyone or anything outside of myself -- it was just my internal systems crying for a reboot. So instead of breaking down, I continued practicing the Living Peace tenets, PPR'ing (Pause, Process, Respond) and PMS'ing (Present Moment Syncing). With each step, I brought myself back to the joy and wonder of what I was surrounded by, and Jesse's million-dollar smile was my anchor. For him, Disneyland is the most magical place on Earth, and his joy lifted my spirits when I was unable to myself.

What happened when we both felt drained?

There was a time when we both were feeling stressed and easily agitated and we chose to respond more with ego than with peace. Fortunately, with the tools that we know and practice, our little tiffs only lasted for about 5-15 minutes. And afterwards we talked about them and learned from them.

At the end of each day, as we drove back to our hotel, we discussed what upset us and took responsibility in how we received, perceived, projected, and reacted. We then discussed how we could have more peacefully responded to each situation, and how we could have taken time to reconnect and remove the air of miscommunication that was causing our discomfort. This time of reflection we shared always brought us closer together as it connected our hearts through vulnerable and authentic expression.

So all in all, the trip was great because even with exhaustion and our few little tiffs, we not only had great fun, but we also learned so much about ourselves and expanded on better communication skills as a couple. How cool is that?! There are no negatives in life, just pros and grows!

Do you have any funny or crazy Disneyland stories to share? Email me about them! I would love to hear from you :)

Shine Bright & Smile,
Alaric Hutchinson

*Learn more about the PPR and PMS practices in my book, LIVING PEACE, available on Amazon! It's also a great gift for the holidays :)


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


Article by Alaric Hutchinson, author of Living Peace.


© 2014 Earth Spirit Publishing, LLC. Alaric Kyle Hutchinson. All Rights Reserved.


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