The Autumn Equinox & Mabon: Three Seasonal Ways to Empower Your Life

September 21, 2014

Warm Mabon Wishes! Here are the three aspects of Mabon that we here at the Dunisha Sanctuary celebrate and use to empower our lives :)



Dunisha Perspective: Why We Celebrate


Some Background: The Autumn Equinox is honored around the world in many traditions as it, alongside the Spring Equinox, is one of the two days out of the year where there is an equal amount of day and night. This polarity is quite mystical in nature, and when combined with it being the time of the mid-harvest festival, we have come to call September 21st: Mabon.


Did you know: In Welsh mythology Mabon is known as the Child of Light and is the son of the Earth Mother Goddess, Modron. How cool is that!


Dunisha Keywords for Mabon:

Gratitude, Beauty, and Introspection.



Gratitude: We bless even that which is not enough in our lives

Beauty:  We proactively find beauty in all things

Introspection: We reflect by looking at ourselves through the eyes of the forest



Mabon is a time for friends and family to come together, give thanks, and acknowledge the blessings in their life.


"We use our words to bless with gratitude everything that comes into our lives. We understand that all tidings bring their own reward – even seemingly negative experience offer lessons in growth. As the season changes and the days grow darker, we remind ourselves that fear is an illusion, and that we mustn’t get caught up in the negative energies of our lives, else we will plant seeds that will bear fruits of grief and suffering. A grateful and merry heart full of laughter purifies the soul."

― Excerpt One



Mabon is a time to acknowledge the natural beauty of the changing seasons, inviting us to also see the beauty in ourselves as we too change through the cycles of spring, summer, autumn, winter, and spring again. 


"We use our mind to find beauty in every aspect of life. Many of us already take note of the beauty that trees share when their leaves change color. It’s an aspect of death that is occurring before our eyes, though we forget and never fret because they always return to life in Spring. We must remember that aspects of death (great change) are a constant part of life. We do not need to resist them when they occur in our loves. Birth and death are not opposites, as they are part of the same coin called Life. Find beauty in your suffering. Find beauty in your adversary. Find beauty in your Self! Finding beauty helps nourish the vibrational seeds you will be planting, helping the flowers of spring to flourish and radiate light."

― Excerpt Two



Mabon calls for us to take some time off, clear out and let go of anything that no longer serves us, and to prepare ourselves for the "fall". Thus, winter can offer a time for reflection and peace.


"We use the stillness of our heart to reach deep states of introspection. In our busy lives, we often only see the world through our own eyes. We take this time to enter the quieting forest to look at ourselves, through the eyes of the forest. How do we appear? Are we open, kind, and respectful? Or are we closed off, frustrated, and distractedly harmful? It is a time to connect back in with our Inner Peace, and ask the forest to show us the way. We learn that change is a constant in life, and that there is no reward in resisting the changing of seasons. We learn that silence and stillness are virtues; a time of meditative reflection empowers us for the abundant spring that is to come. We learn that we sometimes must take some time off – there is a reason that most trees only bear fruit once a year. And we learn that it is never, 'the end.'"

― Excerpt Three


The Takeaway: Take Autumn as a time to reflect on your year. What you did, what you liked, what you didn’t like. And most importantly, what you can improve on. Use gratitude, beauty, and introspection as a means to guide the way. And come Winter, you will begin imbuing the seeds that you will plant in the Spring with the mighty powers of vibrational alignment that will help you cultivate your best life!


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


Article by Alaric Hutchinson, author of Living Peace.

Excerpts taken from The Dunisha Handbook (summer 2015 release).


© 2014 Earth Spirit Publishing, LLC. Alaric Kyle Hutchinson. All Rights Reserved.



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