Life Coaching & Zen Training

Introductory Session

90 minutes | $130

Life Coaching is a helpful service that provides a safe environment and professional to talk with, work on personal goals, and receive enlightening feedback along one's life journey. 

What all life coaches share in common is their powerful question asking that leads clients to self-revealing truths and breakthroughs. Unlike in traditional counseling, life coaches do not diagnose or provide meditation or treatment. Instead, life coaches specialize in various areas of life to help their clients succeed, similar to how Olympic coaches help their trainees achieve amazing physical feats.

Not local? Phone Call & Video Chat sessions are available!

If you are long-distance, please [click here] to learn more about how to connect with Alaric using Zoom video conferencing. It's an easy set up and no account is required.

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Life Coaching

Individual Session:

1 hour| $95

Month of Four Sessions:

1 hour each| $300

New clients are invited to first sign up for a 90-minute introductory session. These intros provide extra time to set the foundation and establish rapport between you and Alaric. Anytime in the future you are then welcome to schedule single sessions or a month package.

Alaric's unique expertise in Zen philosophy and psychology adds to his life coaching practice. Alaric specializes in assisting his clients on their journey of:

  • Transformative Psychology of Emotions Coaching

    • Resolving emotional "core wounds"

    • Healing past trauma & releasing past abuse

    • Channeling anger & frustration into positive action

    • Understanding the nature of emotions and cultivating peace of mind, heart, and body

  • Transformative Relationship Dynamics Coaching

    • Establishing healthy communication skills

    • Loving kindness skills and how to love during difficult times

    • Understanding empathy and establishing healthy boundaries

    • Attachment, Detachment, & Unattachment: Resolving Co-dependency

  • Transformative Freedom from Addiction Coaching

    • Acknowledging what keeps addiction alive

    • Learning healthy tools for stress management

    • Understanding and channeling impulsiveness

    • Leaning into pain and discomfort for deep healing

Alaric's approach is to help each client and student liberate themselves from mental and emotional suffering, helping them create a life where inner peace is a daily experience.

Ultimate Life Coaching for Self Mastery & Inner Peace (Program)

10 Sessions| $1445

If you want the ultimate experience, this is it. Ten training sessions that will teach you about your Self and provide in-depth practices that, when used consistently, lead to inner peace. Please read some student testimonials here.

Note: This is a three month program:

Mastery of Thought

Week 1: Introspective journaling

Week 2: Introspective journaling

Week 3: Comprehension review

Week 4: Break, no session

Mastery of Impulse

Week 5: Introspective journaling

Week 6: Introspective journaling

Week 7: Comprehension review

Week 8: Break, no session

Mastery of Emotion

Week 9: Introspective journaling

Week 10: Introspective journaling

Week 11: Comprehension review

Week 12: Complete self-mastery review

The journaling homework involves unique sets of questions created by Alaric that help you access the subconscious part of your mind. These deep inquiries activate thinking not common in everyday life, allowing for potent exploration into the Self. Furthermore, sharing your answers and reflections with Alaric allows for a richer training session experience, as he provides personalized feedback and coaching around each life area covered in the homework.

Each month provides a unique homework packet that includes each week's homework that you will work through. The comprehension review for the third week involves summaries of the core teachings covered in the month, allowing for easy memorization and practical steps for applied understanding.

Session length fluctuates between 60-120 minutes, depending upon the student and homework being covered.

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“My experience with Alaric was incredible. After the first session, I walked out of the doors feeling lighter, more hopeful and empowered. By the fourth session, it was clear to me that Alaric has a real gift in making you feel at ease at where you are in your journey, and to have fun along the way.”

― Diane

“When my mom passed from breast cancer. I was so thankful to be attending sessions with Alaric during the grieving process. The sessions gave me a place to express my fears, thoughts, emotions and feelings of grief of losing my mother, my best friend. Without the sessions I believe I would have struggled during this time and depression might have affected my entire life for an extended period of time. I am now able to welcome times of sadness and accept her passing. ― Kim

“Working with Alaric has been a true gift because he is so open, authentic, and genuine.  You can talk to him about anything without fear of judgement and he knows what you need to hear and how you need to hear it to gently guide you on your path.” ― Joni

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