Living Peace

Essential Teachings for Enlightenment in the 21st Century

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About the book:

As our modern culture continues to progress more towards speed, entertainment, and convenience, human dignity and mindfulness are becoming lesser priorities. Most of us may agree with and say we want peace and kindness, yet how many of us truly practice these virtues when the going gets emotionally tough or when money is involved? Often, our egos—with their personal attachments, fears, judgments, and desires—win out.

Alaric provides us with another path, a lifestyle anyone can walk by actively pursuing The Living Peace Code: nine tenets and practices that teach us how to observe then change our impulsive behaviors and conditioned mental patterns. In a world filled with instant gratification, Alaric does not promise you instant anything—instead, he provides you with powerful tools that work if you do the work. There are no shortcuts to peace, enlightenment, or happiness. Each of these three qualities are meant to be lived, not simply achieved.


"Alaric is wise beyond his years. I have been on a spiritual quest for a long time, but Living Peace has taught me that I still have much to learn. I highly recommend it."

— Shari Broyer, author of Jesus on a Park Bench

"I have read many books since I started my spiritual journey a few years back, and this one finally hit home! Alaric was able to get through to me like no other author, not even the big ones, has been able to. If you are serious about growing spiritually, get this book! It's down to earth, straight forward, and written for anyone to understand. A true gem. I can't wait for more of his books."

— Suzanne

"Alaric's book is as heart warming as it is enlightening. The approach he takes toward the evolution of our human potential is both creative and beneficial. Alaric posses a special talent for transforming an amazing array of personal experiences into a gift of peaceful awareness and loving affection."


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