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How did your sanctuary begin?


Alaric opened the doors to Earth Spirit Center for Healing (ESC) in 2010 when he remodeled his childhood home into the spiritual center that it is today. Alaric had visions ever since he was a child of one day opening a place where people could go and receive healing, training, and community support in the ways of inner peace. Thus how the lifestyle of Dunisha later came into being.


"Spiritual Center" -- what does that mean?



Unlike traditional therapy where one goes to receive help or medication, we train people in the ways of self-help and meditation. Similar to martial arts, we don't ask martial artists to follow us around and protect us, we learn how to protect ourselves. As a spiritual center we empower the human self to achieve great peace of mind, purity of body, compassion of heart, and strength of spirit.



What does Dunisha mean? What is a Dunshia?


Dunisha is the peace and healing way of earth and spirit. Dunshio (masculine) represents a male monk. Dunshia (feminine) represents a female monk. The Dunshia/o are invidiudals who have gone through intensive training, are ordained ministers, and embody the lifestyle of peace. Lifestyle is the key word. Dunisha is not a religion, it is simply a lifestyle of peace embodiment. Many of our monks and apprentices in training vary greatly in their cultural, spiritual, and religious (or lack of) backgrounds.


What are your exact services?


Life Coaching and Spiritual Coaching best describes what we do. However, many people often describes us as a type of counselor. It is true that some of us have backgrounds in counseling and psychology, however, we are more like teachers. We teach you the skills to empower and live your best life. Everyone can use a little more peace in their lives, and we are masters at teaching it.


We are also skilled a healing, which Reiki best describes what we do. However, through years of experience we have formed our own style and practice, which we call Dunisha Healing™. From a scientific view point, everything is energy, and as such we help remove the blocks of stress in your life that triggers the sympathetic mode of fight and flight (drains energy) and we help bring you back to the peace of the parasympathetic mode (rest and digest), which allows the body to naturally heal itself. On a more spiritual level, we balance your chakras and provide meditation techniques.


What are your store hours?


Most of everything we do is done through appointment or during one of our weekly classes or public events (Circle of Peace). However, we are available Mon-Thursday from 9:00am-5:00pm if you would like to simply visit our bookstore.


I'm very religious, will your teachings conflict with my beliefs?


Nope! We teach from an interfaith perspective. No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are, we will speak blending to your vocabulary and belief systems. To us, peace is peace, energy is energy, and everything is connected. We are here to build bridges and the teachings of peace are Universal and found within every religion and culture.


I'm an atheist, will your teachings conflict with my outlook on life?


Nope! We teach from an interfaith perspective, though we also teach from a very pragmatic perspective, often tying in some of the latest scientific discoveries. No matter what your agnostic or atheist beliefs are, we will speak blending to your vocabulary and worldly outlook. To us, peace is peace! We are here to build bridges and the teachings of peace are Universal and can be practically applied to anyone of any lifestyle or background.


I'm interested in you teaching some stress release or peace techniques at my corporate workplace. Can you leave "spirituality" out of it?


Yes! Peace is Universal and our approach is very practical and down to earth. Alaric can easily teach meditation practices or peace techniques out of his book without using spiritual lingo. For example, his PPR practice from his book, Living Peace, is a wonderful technique on how to Pause, Process, and Respond in stressful situations or interactions at work. In fact, many of his clients work in corporate offices and use his techniques daily!

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