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~ Mindfulness in every moment ~

This daily practice was developed by Rev. Alaric to provide students with a simple yet impactful routine to help cultivate their growing mindfulness and inner peace. Please feel free to watch the sermon he gave on this topic, and download the PDF detailing this daily practice.

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About the book:

As our modern culture continues to progress more towards speed, entertainment, and convenience, human dignity and mindfulness are becoming lesser priorities. Most of us may agree with and say we want peace and kindness, yet how many of us truly practice these virtues when the going gets emotionally tough or when money is involved? Often, our egos—with their personal attachments, fears, judgments, and desires—win out.

Alaric provides us with another path, a lifestyle anyone can walk by actively pursuing The Living Peace Code: nine tenets and practices that teach us how to observe then change our impulsive behaviors and conditioned mental patterns. In a world filled with instant gratification, Alaric does not promise you instant anything—instead, he provides you with powerful tools that work if you do the work. There are no shortcuts to peace, enlightenment, or happiness. Each of these three qualities are meant to be lived, not simply achieved.

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