An Arizona Visit

Alaric Hutchinson will be in Arizona and working at Earth Spirit Center for Healing through the week of Christmas. Please read below the various days available and information on his workshop for Sunday Dec. 30th.

Life Coaching Session: $75

Healing Arts of Dunisha Workshop: $75

Pre-purchase Coaching + Workshop: $120

Life Coaching with Alaric + Check in


I would love to connect 1:1 for an hour of insightful discussion around any topic of your choosing. And if you have nothing particular you would like guidance on, (you know me!) I have plenty of new teachings I can share :)

Limited session slots available, so please pre-purchase early so I can schedule you in. Available days: Dec. 26-29.

Intro to the Healing Arts of Dunisha Workshop

Dunisha: the peace and healing way of Earth and Spirit

This workshop is introducing  many new teachings from my future book, Living Earth. We will be exploring the Earth's inherent spirituality via the three topics listed below. Each teaching will be taught with its practical uses and rituals that you may use daily or monthly for healing, cleansing, spiritual connection, and personal vitality.

Hour One: Kami
— Origins of Kami (land spirits)
— Kami of our Ancestors
— Ritual for Ancestoral Guidance and Healing

Hour Two: Drala
— Origins of Drala (hidden life force, akin to Chi)
— Guided Meditation for Cultivating Drala
— Drala as Living Magic (“Reiki” symbol use)

Hour Three: Full Moon
— Moon Cycle Meanings
— Rituals for New and Full Moon
— New Year Cleansing Ceremony


Workshop Date: December 30th at 11:00am until 2:00pm. Limited seating so please pre-purchase to reserve your space.

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