Rev. Alaric Hutchinson

Rev. Alaric Hutchinson is an author, life coach, spiritual teacher, and modern monk. To his community he is also a pastor and Zen teacher.

All before the age of thirty Alaric brought to life two healing centers, founded three communities, wrote four books, and started a nonprofit. In 2010 he opened his first business, Earth Spirit Center for Healing, where he cultivated his coaching practice, ran a bookstore, taught classes, and led hundreds of community events. After eight years of success Alaric sold the business followed by moving to Bayfield, Colorado where he and his husband opened The Zen Cowboy.

Alaric's journey is less about traditional education and more about lived experience and wisdom. At age 16 he cured himself of clinically diagnosed depression, OCD, social anxiety, and mental and physical tics after being on multiple anti-depressants and other medications for six years. He accomplished this feat after studying Buddhist principles on mindfulness and meditation, which taught him mastery of the mind and body. Previously, Alaric was told by psychiatrists that he would never be able to function as a healthy, normal adult without medication because his bran wasn't "wired right". Since that year, he never needed medication again.

Fascinated by psychology and eastern philosophy, Alaric later went on to receive certification in Life Coaching, Reiki Healing, and Ministerial Leadership alongside his psychology degree in 2010 from the prestigious Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. That same year he was ordained by the Universal Brotherhood Movement, while continuing spiritual leadership training under Rev. Dr. Debbie Adams.

In 2014, Alaric published his first book, Living Peace, which is a collection of his wisdoms and unique approach to self-healing and inner peace. Since its publication, Living Peace has become the core of Alaric's teaching and coaching practice, sharing its tenets and practices with hundreds, and now thousands, of people.

Alaric is also a pastor, having founded and led three communities over the past decade, two in Arizona and now one in Colorado. Unlike in traditional church settings, Rev. Alaric does not teach dogma but instead focuses his energy on teaching practical, everyday teachings for inner peace, self-mastery, loving kindness, and healing rifts within the home and expanded world. As simple as it may sound, Alaric genuinely teaches people how to be happy, no matter their circumstance, much like how he taught himself to be when he was a teen.

Alaric lives a happy life with his husband, Andrew, and their rescued husky-wolf, Snowangel. Andrew lives the teachings as well, helping out at The Zen Cowboy and its community events, while also working full-time at the local library.


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